Posted by: Maltesh | December 14, 2006

Wow! An ALL CHROME Car!! Stupendous!

We all love to have a little chrome on our automobiles, don’t we..? Well, this is what I found on

An ALL CHROME CAR!!! I just went crazy when I saw it.

Gaze at the pics below, Mercedes Benz has come up with an all Chrome Body Car Collection. These cars’ body parts are all made up of Chrome. Sadly, they are just concept cars, and are not going to make it into production.
Ryt now, these pics are adorning my desktop. Can’t stop falling in love with them…



Merc Benz Chrome




  1. wow……i want that.

  2. Hi

    Nice to see u blogging… keep it up
    Have included u in my blogroll..

  3. cooooooooooooooooool dude.

  4. it tops my wanted list…i mean it.

  5. dude its like jaw droppin awesummmmmmm……

  6. wooooow i wish they make it as production, so sorry they will have to excavate in another planet for the amount for raw material needed

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