Posted by: Maltesh | June 30, 2007

More pictures of TVS Apache RTR 160

My blog lacked pictures of my bike‘s successor, The TVS Apache RTR 160. So I happened to get these pictures of the bike, taken from the TVS Showroom itself. The bike is now officically launched and takes competition lead as being the most powerfull in the 150 – 160 cc segment.

One thing I liked about this upgrade compared to the othe bike upgrades is that, there’s a perforamnce boost, no unnecessary stickers flaunted (I mean designer ones, I still would object the Ford GT like stiker running across the center of the bike), better discs i.e petal disc, which is believed to be more effiecient in cooling the discs. This is what I call an upgrade, not like the ones on HH Karizma or Achiever, both of which were just a ‘sticker upgrade’. Contrary to its Indian counterpart Honda’s Unicorn upgrade was a worthwhile one. Ofcourse many would have liked that to have happened much earlier.

So here are the pictures of the one of the first serious bike upgrades in this year,

TVS Apache RTR 160

TVS Apache RTR 160

TVS Apache RTR 160

TVS Apache RTR 160

TVS Apache RTR 160

Picture Credits: Posted on Overdrive Forum by Rahul. Thanks for sharing Rahul.


  1. Guys dont even think abt Pulsar 200 or 220. JUST GO FOR THE APACHE RTR. AWESOME.

  2. this bike realllllllllly rocks………………

  3. this is the un expected bike the power is good and different from others no complain for this bike in my view expect tyre no think is tehre to modify

  4. excellant bike given by tvs company and all features are good.stylish grab handle,well designed disc, excellant torgue power, and very sensitve speedometer with gradual ascending order in reading the speed, not like pulsar.

    great technology is used in each and every accessories of bike..

  5. Hi Maltesh,

    Long time since i last had a post on your blog,

    Well yesterday my friend sold his 7 year old Rxz for 35k//// [Well maintained]

    Now he wanted to buy a p-150 but i suggested him the Rtr[This discussion was Onn for quite some time and i somehow convinced him to go for thr Rtr-160 and he kinda booked it yesterday too,,,, i immediately stopped him coz i heard about the Rtr-Efi[Fuel Injected],

    Pal i need your opinion on this probably you dont like posting details until and unless you dont get to know true facts about the bike!!! but plz shoot me a mail with your opinion keeping in mind am from bangalore so id request you to also update me with the launch details if you have any info on that…]

    Expecting a positive response



    HaPpY rIdInG!!![:)]

  6. Hi,rtr 160 efi is approx launched between dec 2007 to jan 2008 ..the cost of this bike is 3000-5000 rs more than normal apache rtr 160.

  7. hey you sure bout the apache rtr efi available on road by jan or feb??????? am waiting for it too.. but if its a long wait i dont mind picking up the existing rtr 160 now.. do let me know at the earliest.. thanks

  8. Hey….

    Any one suggest me that whether it is worth buying Apachi RTR 160 over Bajaj Pulsar………..
    if yes……… in wat aspects Apachi is better?

  9. Hi friends my brother has already apche rtr 160 new model and i also ride it.recently many ikes are launched in 150 segment like new cbz xtreme,fz 16,etc and company is telling that it can compete with apache but when i ride apache.i understand it’s power pickup and main thing it’s top speed in’s top speed is 118 in highway and i think that it can go more after it’s 3 or 4th servicing.did you know pulsar 200cc top speed is just 121 only 3 or 4 speed higher so why you buy pulsar buy apache you will feel the difference because pulsar perform it’s 100% only when it is new after some year it becomes weak like old man become when they become old Thanks,Apache is my choice but if you want fuel efficient bike buy pulsar 200 because it is oil cooled

  10. Hi,
    I am planning to buy the Apache FI next month, but I heard that since the engine is built with the fuel injection, it makes the maintenance more costly as the parts are imported. Is that true? Would be bettr then if I bought the Apache RTR insted?

  11. Please let me know asap..Thnx.. đŸ™‚

  12. hi guys i have a apache rtr 160..and u know the bike is so good at performance and mileage i.e on the highway it gives me 58-60 and in the main city it gives me around 52..and but ther is a little problem in the engine i.e the errotic noise of the tappet nut,,,i hate that sound and the service of the tvs is very poor because as if i took the bike to the service station for 5-6 times but the sound of the tappet nut is still the same…thats the only problem in the bike and coming to the looks of the bike it looks like a panther and in black its awesome so just go for this bike instead of pulsar 150 or pulsar 200….

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